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Dumb Science Journal Lies

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Who would have thought in a world where you can buy anything that things would go sour? We have a systemic problem in the industrialized world. It’s all knotted up inside Capitalism and free market economics.

People wanted a free market and they got one. Now it’s a free for all in free fall and the result isn’t pretty. But hey, that’s democracy for ya. Mob rule financed by the wealthiest creatures on the planet.

Skyrocketing medical fraud

If you’re a fan of fiction, pick up some of the medical journals — these things contain more fantasy than “Harry Potter.”

Fraud, incompetence, poor math, and drug advice so bad it may as well be a magical spell — you name it, you’ll find it in a “leading” medical journal right now… disguised as scientific research.

It’s so bad that the number of retractions in supposedly peer-reviewed journals has risen 15-fold over the past decade, from 22 in 2001 — 22 too many in my book — to a whopping 339 last year, according to a new study.

The researchers say that 73.5 percent of the retractions were due to run-of-the-mill sloppiness. But the rest — more than 26 percent — were pulled for a much more diabolical reason: scientific fraud.

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