EPA or Every Punitive Avenue

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Anyone paying attention knows the EPA is staffed with former and future food corporation and drug manufacturer lackeys. Got this in my mail.

naturalnews.com….the federal government just continues to prove how insane it is with each passing day. Today’s jaw-dropping revelation is that the EPA has declared hay to be a “pollutant” and therefore can now subject small family farms and ranches to draconian EPA rules merely for having some hay sitting in the barn (or in a field). Don’t believe me? Here’s our report:
EPA rules hay is now a pollutant


How Dumb Can We Get?

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How Dumb Can You Get – – – How dumb can we get?  – – – – Study Proves: This Everyday Drink Lowers Your IQ

I’m truly convinced that the greatest danger we face today is human stupidity. Dumb people in power are dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Any dummy in a position of power, whether it’s the power of persuasion via the media, the power of imprisonment from Judges to Patrolmen or power over the economy like the President, Congress and the private federal reserve counterfeiters. All these idiots have the power to destroy the nation and it’s people.

Now people can be raised dumb and people can be dumbed down through diet and the dis-education system. I feel it’s my personal responsibility not to impose and stupid making substances on my brain. Whatever smarts I’ve got I want to improve on it not deplete it.

Toxins in food and water are major players in the “Create An Idiot” plan. The devastating result of this “idiotic” plan is it’s effecting the very people administrating the plan for the master planners. I guess with dumb masters you get a dumb result. What kind of a world do these creatures think they’ll inherit once they’re done culling the intelligent population?

Abuses of a Free Population…

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I’ve been wondering lately, now that a lot of us know what’s going on, what can we do about it?

From William Lewis

In the news from the past few weeks, there have been reports of blatant abuses and corruption of the very laws our founders put on the books as protections.  In Florida, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles made $63 Million selling your information to Lexus Nexus and others.  Government has asked us to “redefine” privacy and TRUST them to protect our private info, but according to a FL judge, the sale of this info is perfectly legal…Is that the kind of protection for which we are looking?  The City Council in the town of Gould, AR has passed an ordinance banning residents from forming any groups or organizations without prior approval from the city council.

In Oak Park, Michigan, the city is telling a homeowner she cannot grow vegetables in her own front yard.  In Hazelwood, MO, girls scouts are not allowed to sell cookies from their own driveway…lemonade stands across the country are running into problems, as, apparently, children trying to make a few dollars are violating the law by selling lemonade without a business license.  There is also the case of a Missouri couple who wanted to feed scraps from their organic garden to pigs as part of their diet, and found it wasn’t allowed.  If this doesn’t make you scratch your head in shear disbelief, I’m not sure what will!

There is so much more, as well.  What about our invasion of privacy by law enforcement at their own discretion and supported by the Federal Courts?  What about the secret spying, even after the “death” of bin Laden?  What about the TSA and its ongoing sexual assault against those who fly?  And the recent building searches by police in Virginia?

In a country of, by and for the people, this seems like an awful lot of “butting-in” if you ask me!  And these are just a few recent examples of the nefarious, over-reaching nature of a country that is supposed to have a limited government and a free population…

Need more information about the vision for our nation?
Get your copy of Blood of Patriots today by visiting www.WilliamLewisFilms.com
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Mad Science

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Somebody get a rope

Over a million experiments using genetically engineered animals with human genes were performed last year and some used what they call humanized animals. Ethical scientists [which means the ones who have not gone insane] are trying to ban some experiments.

DailyMail 2011 – Beware ‘Planet of the Apes’ experiments that could create sci-fi nightmare

History of Agent Orange Extract: Dumb Brain Dead Criminals In US Government

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Electing Fools Might Not Be Such A Good Idea After All … I’m Sorry, We Don’t Really Have Elections, Do We….


… a significant portion of the total land area of the United States was used for pasture and grazing purposes, and weeds and brush presented a major problem on these lands. Various species of undesirable brush and trees and numerous noxious foreign weeds dominated some 320 million acres of US rangeland and pastures, and the application of phenoxy herbicides, such as found in Herbicide Orange, could be an economical method of increasing the quality and grazing capacity of these lands.


Moreover, in April 1972 representatives from the Blue Spruce Company, Bound-Brook, New Jersey and from the International Research Institute, a Rockefeller Foundation affiliate, contacted the Air Force Logistics Command proposing to reformulate Herbicide Orange and sell or donate it to a number of South American Governments, including Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Surinam. The basic plan was to have the Air Force donate the herbicide for use to improve rangelands in the upper Amazon Basins of South America.The Herbicide Orange would be reformulated diluted and repackaged for ground application….

via History of Agent Orange Extract: Just what did the US Government do with all the leftover? | Food Freedom.

The Age Of “No”

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The Land Of The Utterly Idiotic

No, you can’t grow a garden, buy the kind of milk you want, get plant based medicine and natural common sense treatment from a doctor. No you can’t use that rain water, refuse schools treatment of kids – or in any way tell the government NO. Don’t even think about it…

The assaults on food freedom just get crazier with each passing day, it seems. The latest involves a woman named Julie Bass who is now being threatened with jail time because she decided to grow a vegetable garden in her front yard in Michigan.

A snotty, condescending (and utterly idiotic) City Planner for the city of Oak Park, Michigan, has apparently made it his personal mission to destroy all vegetable gardens that are visible from the streets of Oak Park. And he’s determined to have Julie sent to jail if she doesn’t tear down her veggie garden and surrender to city officials. (Yeah, seriously…)

Read my detailed account of this story plus action items that you can follow to join me in sending complaints to the Oak Park city officials!

Phone numbers and emails are included in the article:

The Age Of Imbecile Science

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Human DNA in Vaccines Linked to Autism | Vaccine Dangers

Former drug company scientist Helen Ratajczak recently created a firestorm of debate from all sides of the vaccine-autism issue when she published her comprehensive review of autism research. This is a massively important study, for more than one reason. One element brought to light that has managed to stay well below the radar is the use of aborted embryonic cells in vaccine production.

CBS News recently reported:

“Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines (with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosal), they began making some vaccines using human tissue.

Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked.”

via Human DNA in Vaccines Linked to Autism | Vaccine Dangers.