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How Dumb Can We Get?

How Dumb Can You Get – – – How dumb can we get?  – – – – Study Proves: This Everyday Drink Lowers Your IQ

I’m truly convinced that the greatest danger we face today is human stupidity. Dumb people in power are dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Any dummy in a position of power, whether it’s the power of persuasion via the media, the power of imprisonment from Judges to Patrolmen or power over the economy like the President, Congress and the private federal reserve counterfeiters. All these idiots have the power to destroy the nation and it’s people.

Now people can be raised dumb and people can be dumbed down through diet and the dis-education system. I feel it’s my personal responsibility not to impose and stupid making substances on my brain. Whatever smarts I’ve got I want to improve on it not deplete it.

Toxins in food and water are major players in the “Create An Idiot” plan. The devastating result of this “idiotic” plan is it’s effecting the very people administrating the plan for the master planners. I guess with dumb masters you get a dumb result. What kind of a world do these creatures think they’ll inherit once they’re done culling the intelligent population?

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