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Abuses of a Free Population…


I’ve been wondering lately, now that a lot of us know what’s going on, what can we do about it?

From William Lewis

In the news from the past few weeks, there have been reports of blatant abuses and corruption of the very laws our founders put on the books as protections.  In Florida, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles made $63 Million selling your information to Lexus Nexus and others.  Government has asked us to “redefine” privacy and TRUST them to protect our private info, but according to a FL judge, the sale of this info is perfectly legal…Is that the kind of protection for which we are looking?  The City Council in the town of Gould, AR has passed an ordinance banning residents from forming any groups or organizations without prior approval from the city council.

In Oak Park, Michigan, the city is telling a homeowner she cannot grow vegetables in her own front yard.  In Hazelwood, MO, girls scouts are not allowed to sell cookies from their own driveway…lemonade stands across the country are running into problems, as, apparently, children trying to make a few dollars are violating the law by selling lemonade without a business license.  There is also the case of a Missouri couple who wanted to feed scraps from their organic garden to pigs as part of their diet, and found it wasn’t allowed.  If this doesn’t make you scratch your head in shear disbelief, I’m not sure what will!

There is so much more, as well.  What about our invasion of privacy by law enforcement at their own discretion and supported by the Federal Courts?  What about the secret spying, even after the “death” of bin Laden?  What about the TSA and its ongoing sexual assault against those who fly?  And the recent building searches by police in Virginia?

In a country of, by and for the people, this seems like an awful lot of “butting-in” if you ask me!  And these are just a few recent examples of the nefarious, over-reaching nature of a country that is supposed to have a limited government and a free population…

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