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The Age Of “No”

The Land Of The Utterly Idiotic

No, you can’t grow a garden, buy the kind of milk you want, get plant based medicine and natural common sense treatment from a doctor. No you can’t use that rain water, refuse schools treatment of kids – or in any way tell the government NO. Don’t even think about it…

The assaults on food freedom just get crazier with each passing day, it seems. The latest involves a woman named Julie Bass who is now being threatened with jail time because she decided to grow a vegetable garden in her front yard in Michigan.

A snotty, condescending (and utterly idiotic) City Planner for the city of Oak Park, Michigan, has apparently made it his personal mission to destroy all vegetable gardens that are visible from the streets of Oak Park. And he’s determined to have Julie sent to jail if she doesn’t tear down her veggie garden and surrender to city officials. (Yeah, seriously…)

Read my detailed account of this story plus action items that you can follow to join me in sending complaints to the Oak Park city officials!

Phone numbers and emails are included in the article:

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