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Resistance Is Fatal — In These Times

Mark Toleman, co-author of a Lancet Infectious Diseases article, told Deutsche Welle, referring to the gene’s ability to pass between different bacteria. It has already spread to 16 countries, affecting 14 different species of bacteria, including those that cause pneumonia, cholera and dysentery, making them potentially untreatable. Only two antibiotics are somewhat effective, and both are toxic and expensive.

Researchers in Sweden traced the gene to New Delhi in 2008 after a man returning from India was felled by a resistant infection. They found that NDM-1 had contaminated 4 percent of the Indian capital’s drinking water samples and 30 percent of drain samples.

The U.S. Institute of Medicine describes this new antibiotic resistance as “a global public health and environmental catastrophe.”

via Resistance Is Fatal — In These Times.

Uhh, let’s see … Hey! Maybe we can make a vaccine that will …. Sandy, call Fredricks at the FDA and talk to whoever’s on pundit call this week. We need to move people. NOW!!! I smell Money!!

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